Press Release

Promotion of the sXGP system

August 25, 2017
BB Backbone Corp.
  • BB Backbone Corp. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / President: Junichi Miyakawa), as a wireless station not requiring a license, will conduct a technical verification for the “sXGP system” – a new wireless technology based on the TD-LTE system, using 1.9GHz band. The verification will be hosted by the XGP Forum and member companies.
  • The sXGP system has the following advantages:

    – Using the TD-LTE system in the 1.9GHz frequency band, which is used by existing systems

    – Simplicity of self-owned wireless system

    – General versatility of the LTE system

    Using the widespread LTE system reduces cost due to economy of scale and enables provision of a stable solution as a system for long periods.

  • We will complete the verification test for mutual connectivity for on-premises systems and terminals compatible with the sXGP system by the end of fiscal year 2017. We will improve user convenience and the reliability of this standard for systems and terminals by conducting a technical verification by following the standard verification procedures for the sXGP system. (The standard verification procedures will be established by the XGP Forum and member companies*.)
  • In addition, for early provision of commercial service in fiscal year 2018, we will provide required functions, such as interconnection with each mobile network operator and will actively promote the sXGP system from the perspective of a telecommunications carrier.

  • In particular, we will closely coordinate our efforts with the companies involved with the sXGP system and provide the sXGP Partnership Program to widely promote the sXGP service by doing the following:
    ・Group meetings in every quarter
    ・Information exchanges among member companies
    ・Sharing information disclosed by the forum
  • ■About XGP Forum

    XGP (eXtended Global Platform) Forum was founded as a new non-profitable organization evolving from PHS MoU (a narrowband TDD-based microcell system) in 2009. Having adopted the advantages of cell design-free structure, high- frequency utilization efficiency, and etc., XGP forum has standardized specifications and also promoted services of mobile broadband system fully
    compatible with TD-LTE. In recent years, we have been actively involved with the migration of 1.9GHz “radio stations of digital cordless telephones” to a new, LTE-based radio system (sXGP system).

  • ■About BB Backbone

    BB Backbone (“BBB”), established in February, 2002, mainly provides fiber-optic cables and installation services. As an active telecommunications operator, BBB will offer end-to-end solutions that enable a “Carrier’s Carrier” interoperability with multi-mobile and other telecommunications operators. BBB will take the lead in promoting proliferation of sXGP system and work in harmony with all XGP and sXGP Partnership Program members.

  • Inquiries:
    sXGP Promotion Office
    BB Backbone Corp.
    Tokyo Shiodome Building
    1-9-1 Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7304

  • ・The press release information (i.e., content, service/product prices, specifications, contact information or other information) reflects what was available at that time. The information may change without prior notice. The actual results of the plans or goals listed in press release also may differ from actual results due to various risks or unknown factors.